Detailed Notes On vacation rentals by owner mazatlan mexico

The center of any place I will unequivocally maintain is the safest and strongest location for real estate. That does not mean other places are weak, on the contrary. It does mean though that there is balance. Having lived in the center of the USA for 30 years and now in Central Mexico, the swings in the markets are less severe. Consequently the masses are less shaken by dips and creativity remains resilient. With the global economic uncertainty and recessions, I would say tread lightly and carry a big stick. International diversification is prudent, but you can choose carefully. If looking at Mexico, I do suggest go where the flow of development is moving. It is into Guanajuato. People are employed, jobs are plentiful, and international investments on a grand scale are occurring. Pirelli, Volkswagen, Audi, Denso and many more producing and giving back to the communities.Check vacation rental by owner mexico beach florida

Now I am not saying look at real estate in a factory zone, but it does help to be in areas in an up-trend v/s down-trend. The beach areas will always have pockets of strength but in times of economic lags, beaches can be hot spots for drug trafficking and accelerated crime. Again I am back to the center with balance.

Few environmental concerns for Central Mexico as well. High in the mountains with fresh air, few natural disaster possibilities like hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes (with the exception of Mexico City), sunshine and the occasional thunderstorm provide the norm. I bring this up because the other day I was looking at Chili. It is a country frequently proclaimed the best place to be for international investments, re-location and job opportunities. While I agree it is beautiful, a few thoughts have caught my attention. One, the earthquakes are definitely a problem. Two, after three years the Chilean government taxes residents on their world-wide income… following in the footsteps of the US makes me pause. Third, South America has a history of vacillating from peaceful and internationally friendly to the exact opposite.

I continue to like Mexico. Internationals can invest here with very little drama if using correct legal channels. It is a quick airline flight across the border.
The trade agreement is strong between Mexico and US and Canada, and real estate is still affordable and cost of living is less than in the countries to the north. For these reasons, I like investments in Mexico real estate. Real estate continues, for now, to be non-reportable asset for Americans as well. Selling real estate here too carries a capital gains exemption once every five years as well. It is not like Brazil either, where you have to register your money with the bank on a real estate purchase so that when you sell, you can prove the paper trail. Money can move freely on a sale in Mexico.