More About Liquid Kratom

For more than a thousand years the Asian world has known about Kratom. It has often been made into a tea but many people have simply chewed the leaves. Now people around the world have discovered liquid Kratom and are using it to help with depression and chronic pain. This product does have a sedative effect so it would not be a good idea to drive after ingesting it.pop over to this website

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Kratom comes from the tropics in Asia and its scientific name is Mitragnya speciosa. Admirers enjoy this herb because it has certain healing properties. Some people chew the leaf and have reportedly ingested 50 leaves a day or more. It can also be very effective when dried and used in the powder form. It can be stirred into food or even ingested in tea form. Some people use it on a daily basis and add sugar or honey to it.

Thailand has banned the use of this product even though it reportedly has no side effects. No one has been reported to have overdosed on this herb.

A small amount of it appears to work as a stimulant, people have reported that it gives them more energy. Larger doses, though, are reported to have a sedative effect. People that take large doses have said that it makes them calm and that it eases pain or even depression.

There are only a few countries, including Thailand, that have banned liquid Kratom. It is actually a natural product as it is made from powdered leaves. Sometimes it is mixed with other ingredients but it is also sold in a highly concentrated extract. If you purchase the extract then you should start with a drop under your tongue. That way you can judge how it will affect you before taking a large amount.

The liquid version of this herb does have a bitter taste and many sellers mix it with something like juice so that it will be easier to drink. It comes in a bottle around one ounce and is taken in one swallow. Of course, there are many manufacturers and many different tastes so you will want to try them until you find one you like.

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Some people have found that Kratom can help treat drug addictions, especially those derived from opium. It does have a slight addictive quality though so you should be prepared for this if you stop suddenly. Still, the withdrawal symptoms are reported to be very mild.

Since this is considered medical, albeit alternative medicine, it would be wise to discuss taking this with your doctor before you purchase it. Like any other substance it could mix with current medications or be contraindicated because of one of your other treatments. Some people have reported that it has a hallucinogenic effect and people should take great care when operating a vehicle after ingesting any form of this plant.