Secure Your Social Security Number

Our social security number is very important for our day to day transactions. Once we are issued with our own number, we are also given a SSN card where our number is printed. To make sure that it is secure enough, never put it inside your wallet or better yet, as much as possible, don’t carry it around with you. There are many secure places where you can put your card together with your other important documents. But never ever carry it with you.Many people nowadays tend to become complacent, too complacent in fact, that some even put their SSN in their mobile phones. This is even worst than carrying your card with you. Many people borrow your mobile phone, like your co-workers or maybe even your friends. But how sure are you that they are only borrowing it to call someone or to text someone. social security card bank┬áis an excellent resource for this.

How will you know that they are not browsing for your phone files? There’s no way to find out unless you have installed a software in your phone which automatically asks for a password, that only you knows the combination, the moment someone tries to open a specific folder. But this is only applicable for those who are technologically inclined. But how about those average persons who don’t know about those software? The best thing to do is never to input your number in your mobile phone to avoid other people from knowing it.Everyday, we enter into different dealings, may it be personal or business, like joining clubs or other organizations or probably opening a bank account. These transactions, most often than not, require for a valid identification. Though SSN is a valid identification, avoid using it as one; just give out another form like your drivers’ license or your company ID perhaps. Opening a bank account, specifically an ATM account, require a pin or password, again, don’t use your SSN as your pin code where system access is possible.